Trump applied his familiar tactics

Trump applied his familiar tactics: Losing but claiming he won. The United States had lost its belly in the trade war with China, and looking back on more than two years in power, Trump almost failed to achieve any achievement apart from breaking Obama’s efforts.

Actually, he also talked about Trump’s inevitable failure in this trade war.

It was more than half of the term, but looking back: The border wall could not be built, the trade deficit with China increased, the national debt increased to a record number, could not control China’s growth rate, did not What is Russia, and destroy Europe.

The problem is that Trump recognizes the US presidency as a CEO chair, with specific business objectives, with a team of executives who are knowledgeable and energetic, always listen to the boss, whoever rejects it, chases ; however, Trump was wrong, being another King as CEO, and the art of King was long pointed out by the Chinese people, it only fit in 2 words: Vo Vi.

Being a King means not doing anything, but doing everything, standing below all, but above all. The King was like the heart of a storm, always peaceful, quiet, peaceful, but controlling even a giant power whirling around him. Look at my General’s house, I know what it is to be a King. Xi Jinping of China is also a mirror that cannot be brighter than being a King.

And Trump is only at the level of a multi-level salesman, a new marketer, a girl who sells a grade house to Vincom, not even equal, because she cannot sell any houses. Trump that made Mr. Vuong was fired for a long time.

Yes, he was an error of democracy, an accident of the American elite, and a savior for the Chinese, because he ruined the world’s faith in the US government, breaking the belief between Western countries, and help the patriotic spirit of the Chinese Dragon rise.

May he be entitled to the full age of heaven!

(Thienluong FB)