Football and Stories on The Sidelines

Football and Stories on The Sidelines

1. Uruguayan player Juan Hohberg in WC 1954 drew a draw when the game against Hungary lasted a few minutes. When celebrating the whole team jumped over the player making him unconscious. At that time, there was no law to replace people, so the rest of Uruguay kicked people. In extra time Uruguay lost 2 more goals.

2. Before the 1990s, UAE owners promised to give each player a goal of a Rolls-Royce. In the end, the team lost all 3 matches and only scored 2 goals.

3. The Romanian team’s composition in the WC 1930 is selected by King Carol II.

4. In 1974, the East German striker Jürgen Sparwasser scored a crucial decisive goal in the BRD net (West Germany), making the community extremely happy. Unfortunately, this player was the first person who fled to West Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

5. The 1954 WC was held in Switzerland, and the Scottish team wore long-sleeved sweaters while the temperature was 30’C. Because the Scottish mountains were so cold, the shadow association had directed the preparation for the cold of Swiss mountains.

6. Belgian goalkeeper Michael Prudomm always wears the club’s Standard shirt underneath the team’s shirt. However, due to the hot weather, he had to change clothes right in the match.

7. When checking security at the gate of the stadium before the final of the 1930 WC in Montevideo, Uruguay, police confiscated 1.5 thousand guns. At that time Montevideo was one of the most dangerous places in the world.

8. In 1938 Austria was annexed to Germany, and Germany was happy that the team would have good Austrian players. However Austria’s biggest star Matthias Sindelar refused to play for the German team, and a year later mysteriously died.

9. The New York Times editor did not believe in the news that the American team won the England team (WC 1950) and did not give the news. At that time, the newspaper started the nuclear war more reliable than the victory of the US team.

10. At the opening ceremony of the 1994 WC in America, Diana Ross sang the tournament song and scored 11m. But the shot was too bad and once again proved that football is not entirely American sport!

11. The author of the first French WC goals Lucien Laurent was enlisted in World War II and survived. Before leaving, he hid the shirt he wore when he scored the goal on the sofa. However, when he returned, his house became ruined. The priceless object has been lost …

12. Before the 1990s WC, Italian adult film studios filmed with star porn movie Chiccolina. In the film, Chiccolina “exhausted” the male actors like Jurgen Klinsmann, Diego Maradona and Rood Gullit to create more opportunities for the Italian team.

13. Of the 160 Bulgarian players participating in the WC finals, only 3 players have them not ending in “-ev” or “-ov”: Evgeny Naichovski, Milko Gaidarski, Petar Mihtarski, both of Macedonian .

14. The 2002 Spanish goalkeeper Samtiago Cannisares had one of the worst shave times in his life: he dropped the bottle of perfume on his leg and broke the tendon and was absent from the WC in Japan and South Korea.

15. In the 1954 WC, in the Brazil-Hungary match, Ferenz Puskas sat on the bench and threw a bottle of water at the top of the Brazilian player, making him unable to play. The match was very tense, there were 3 red cards and the match was then dubbed the “Battle of Bern”.
16. At the 1974 WC the Zaire team was humiliated by Yugoslavia with a 9: 0 ratio. Zaire’s dictator Mobutu has promised that the players of the team will “live in peace” if they lose with a score greater than 3: 0 in the next match. And although the next opponent is Brazil, Zaire still only lost 3: 0!

17. Under FIFA law, players in the WC team must have a number between 1 and 23. In Japanese No. 4, read “death”, so number 4 is considered unlucky. So they draw lots to choose who must wear the number 4 …

18. Two goalkeepers, Vyacheslav and Viktor Chanov, were on the Soviet Union’s list in 1982. However, neither of them was allowed to play any minutes. The reason is Rinat Dasaev, the No. 1 goalkeeper of the Soviet Union at that time …

19. The WC 1974 final started 10 minutes late. The reason is that the employees of the stadium forgot to place flags in the corners of the yard. The discipline of the Germans is like that …

20. At the 2002 WC qualifiers, Tunisia – Madagaskar matches, all 13 Madagaskar players have their names starting with “Ra-“: Raharison, Radafison (replaced by Ralahajanahari), Ratakonbrabe, Radonamaha, Racimihalona, ​​Randrimirozaka, Randrianorivo , Randrianoelison, Razafindrikoto, Rasoanaivo, Railison (replaced by Randriana). It is currently unknown whether the number of commentators working at that match …

21. During the 4 years 2 months (1950-1954) the Hungarian team was unbeaten in 29 international matches. The great unbeaten chain ended at the wrong time: they suddenly lost to the German team in the WC finals.

22. The captain of the Dutch East Indies (current Indonesia) in the 1938 WC is Dr. Ahmad Navir. He still wears doctor glasses when playing on the field.

23. The opening match of the 1966 WC kept England and Uruguay team suspended: 7 England players forgot their name cards at the hotel. And although everyone knows the players on the team, security personnel still do not allow them to enter the field because the rules do not allow.

24. Referee finals of the first WC in 1930 Belgian Jean Lanzhenu wears a luxurious vest with tie and casual pants.

25. President of Italian football federation Ottorino Barassi during World War II hid the “Nika gold” trophy given to WC champions from 1930 to 1970 in torn old boots. Fascists have repeatedly checked, ransacked the whole house but still could not find it.

26. Scotland started the WC 1978 very badly. At the press conference, coach Elly Macleod was heavily criticized. Suddenly, a puppy ran in. Elly joked: “Maybe this is my only friend in this room.” He reached out to caress the dog when he bit his hand. So he lost all his friends …

27. In the 1930’s, in the first match of the Argentina team in Uruguay it was expected that there would be a lot of Argentina fans, because Buenos-Aires was just across the La Plata river. However, almost no Argentine fans in the stands. The reason was because of the fog, the ferry turned up late. When they reached Montevideo, the match was over.

28. In the 1966 WC, the French-Uruguay match was originally scheduled to be at Wembley Stadium. However, on that day, the stadium had an annual dog race competition. The tradition with the British was inviolable, so the game had to be transferred to another stadium in London.

29. The band’s U2 drummer has composed an Irish team song in the 1990s. The song “Put ’em under pressure” means “force it away!”

30. Just before the Italian-Czechoslovak final in the 1938 WC, Swedish referee Ivan Eklind went to the VIP area to meet Mussolini and had a short talk with the Italian dictator. No one knew what they were talking about, but the way the referee did was controversial. In the end, Italy still won the championship.

31. Argentina team coach Marselo Bielsa held a press conference before the 2002 WC. There he said for more than 4 hours and once again proved that his nickname El Loco (madman) was absolutely correct!

32. The referee of the 1970s WC final is about to start the match, Pele approaches and waits for a moment. Of course, all cameras are immediately directed towards the “king of football”. Pele sat down and began tying the shoelaces. It turned out that Pele had signed an advertising contract with a sports firm a few days ago, and that’s how he advertised them.

33. The German Franz Beckenbauer became a big surprise at the 1966 WC. To prove his “star” status, he recorded and released a song. However, the song has completely failed and since then he has only proved to be the best on the pitch!

34. Irish player John Aldridge wants to play to help the team with Mexico (WC 1994). However, the assistant assistant did not let him go on the pitch. Because he was so annoyed, he scolded merciless assistant, and the whole world was witnessed through live television …

35. Only once in history, all matches of a WC tournament are held in a city. In 1930, all stadiums were located in Montevideo. A total of 3 stadiums, and that is also a record.

36. In the 2010 WC, South Africa’s church asked FIFA to ban fans from using vuvuzela. They claim that they have the right to use this divine instrument. However FIFA did not believe, and vuvuzela was filled with the stands at every match!

37. Diego Maradona uses dopping, drugs, scoring by hand … but his first nickname is “Teddy Bear” due to his bobbing hair!

38. In Cameroon Cameroon player Roge Milla tried to organize a football tournament for African dwarves at home. However, he failed, and was also suspected of cheating on money, almost going to jail. By 1994 he became the goalscorer in the oldest WC. He was 42 years old at the time.

39. The least popular match in WC history is Romania – Peru (WC 1930) with only 300 spectators. By Arsenal Kiev matches there were even more audiences.

40. During the 1990 WC, the Irish team visited the pope. However, coach Jack Charlton did not feel important, so he fell asleep. Then he recounted: “When I woke up I saw the pope waving. I thought he greeted me so I waved back … ”

41. Swiss striker Poldi Kielholz has eye problems, so wear glasses when playing. In WC 1934 he scored 3 goals in 2 matches and became the most goalscorer in WC matches.

42. American football goalkeeper in the 1950s Frank Borgi started his career in baseball and earned a career as a mourner. Because the past baseball (not driving a funeral car) he used his legs very badly, so every time he played the ball he had to ask someone in the defenders!

43. Although the WC was held in 1930, the first match without a goal took place in 1958, in the 6th WC. England and Brazil had a 0: 0 draw.

44. Before the Battle of Poland – Brazil in the 1938 WC there was a very heavy rain and the yard became a swamp. Brazilian player Leonidas tried to remove his shoes and go barefoot, but the referee did not allow it. Due to the frustration, Leonidas scored 4 goals in the opponent’s net, and finally Brazil 6: 5 straight.

45. The yellow and red cards first appeared in the 1970s. Previously, the referees only dismissed players from the pitch with words. The reason for this is the situation in WC 1966, when an Argentinian player pretends not to understand the referee and continues to play for a while …

46. ​​Before the start of the 2006 WC in Germany, a magician from Ecuador performed a ceremony to expel evil spirits from all 12 stadiums.

47. The smallest country (both in area and population) used to participate in the WC is Trinidad and Tobago. They used to be popular with the audience, but they didn’t score any goals in the tournament.

48. The famous prophet Vanga also had prophecies about football. During the WC 1994, she said that the two teams that will kick the finals will start with a “B”. However, Bulgaria’s team (her home country) ruined the prophecy when it lost to the Italian team in the semifinals. The second team to the final is Brazil.

49. To prepare for the 1966 WC, the North Korean team was “locked up” at a training center in the mountains, with no holidays and no relatives. That suddenly brought about results. They won the Italian team and became the first Asian team to enter the knockout round.

50. After the Brazilian team unexpectedly lost to the Uruguayan team in the finals of the WC 1950, there were 2 fans jumping from the 2nd floor of the stand of suicide …