6 Best Life Advices

1) Take care of your Health : You must have heard it a hundred times and yet another one, but it is mandatory to mention. Don’t ever think that you will take care of it later. Humans are lazy beings. If you don’t start taking care of your health now nothing in this world can motivate you in your later years to do the same.

2) Update yourself : Keep yourself up to date of some current affairs. keep a track of what’s going on in the world. You may not like it, but it is necessary. If you are on a train journey and someone is talking about Net Neutrality you would not want to be taken by surprise and keep nodding your head.

3) Feed your mind : Well this is just the extension of the previous point. Feed your mind with knowledge (as well as news). This knowledge can be anything music, academics, business, politics, poetry, movies anything. But be aware of where you take them from. Don’t believe in whatever is there on the net. Do some research and then conclude whether it should be registered oreradicated.

4) Read : Make this your habit. Read whatever fascinates you. Read not just to gain knowledge but to build up your own opinion and imagination. I know many people find these really boring, so start with just single paragraph a day and slowly you will again momentum.
5) Meditate : In today’s world of distraction, this is the only tool to keep oneself focused in his job. It has been proved by research that twenty minutes of meditation is equivalent to two hours of sleep. Its like homeopathic; takes time to act but is worthy in the long run.But its a complex process and you really need a very strong determination to practice it.

6) Write : Start writing. You don’t posses the skill, no problem, nor do I. Just go on scribbling what comes into your head. Prepare a draft; and check if you can organize it further.