Richard Nixon The Life – Jonh A. Farrell

Richard Nixon The Life – Jonh A. Farrell

“History will treat you well,” Henry Kissinger told Richard Nixon, in their last days at the White House.
“It depends who writes the history,” Nixon replied.

Harmful sex movies when shown to children. In that sense, people are only “coming of age” and mature enough to be political. Suppose there is an underground camera in the White House that records all the night and day moments, so that later history can be reviewed, so many scenes of that movie only the adults should watch and understand.

Richard Nixon is a “strange” person. When he became the 37th president of the United States, he ordered the secret police to set up a tape recorder to record all the perversions in the “palace”. Later when faced with impeachment in the “Water-gate”, Nixon refused to cancel those tapes, despite advice from advisers. Thanks to that, the following historian has a vivid picture of the White House: full of drama and wisdom; in the center of history with the highest demands on human quality, is also the most intense, intriguing, and fierce struggle. Nixon was “indicted” by the US Congress for a total of nearly 150 crimes and illegal acts, including: lies, obstruction of justice, racism, insults …

The president of the United States is the pressure and “bony” position, “man-killer job”. Domestic, international, no field does not have to care; journalism, opposition day and night, and although there is a strong & quality advisory team, the issues up to the President are mostly the problems of the world below without explanation. “Your call, Mr. President”, alone on the line, under the abyss waving.

The “job description” of the head of the nation must be combined with the intellectual, experiential and moral requirements. But wherever we are, there are only “people”, but very talented people often go through many disabilities. So civilized America has so many prominent presidents like Nixon, Clinton or Trump, that is simply real life and because American politics is fierce, clear and transparent than others.

“I was born in a house my father built.” – everyone had a destiny, and to a certain extent that fate was molded from the family. Throughout his life, Nixon never forgot the difficult childhood; family of nearly 10 people in a narrow hut, barley porridge meals are not enough to divide for 5 brothers; his father sold oranges in the market to feed his wife and children and was a harsh father, the two brothers who had the highest quality and were expected to all die of adolescence. Nixon was heavily influenced by his mother, a woman who endured, struggled, and sacrificed for her husband, as he relented later: “Nobody will ever write a book, probably, about my mother. Well, I think all of you will say this about my mother, my mother was a saint, I think of her, two boys dying of tuberculosis, nursing four others … Yes, she will have no books written about her. a saint. ”

Such a family influenced Nixon’s later life view, he always conceived of life as uncertain and difficult, requiring a relentless effort (Nixon took his bag to his office until at death).

Since childhood, Nixon has been a bookworm, quiet, timid, looking for joy and hiding in the worlds he envisions from books. At night listening to the train whistle echoed, Nixon imagined long trips, strange people & lands; dreams, inviting, urging to go.

Nixon graduated from college (he only attended the “countryside” school because he had no money), when World War II began. Boys of war time, the way to make a career is to go to the front. The battlefield for Nixon saw survival lessons, forged and tough, as James Mattis said: “Be the hunter, not the hunted. Be polite, be professional, but always have a plan to kill everyone you meet. ”The battlefield also changed people in a different way: hourly death witnesses, friends 17-18 scene with beautiful bullets. Seeing that, Gixon suddenly gulped around, Nixon couldn’t help thinking about fate. After a good war, there was a lot of interest, and I was afraid of anything, and regretted it … that experience helped Nixon in the minutes, big decisions in the political career later.

Looking back at the lives of many political figures, one cannot help but wonder, but from a very ordinary, unremarkable guy, the posture is sidelined to the head of state. Fate, perhaps; but those lives are certainly challenging, dramatic and mysterious.

Richard Nixon is a central figure in a highly turbulent period of the United States and the world: Civil Right Movements, Vietnam War, Cold War … In terms of a politician, Nixon is considered a The talented president, a transition in US-China relations, and a meeting between him and Mao Zedong in 1972 were considered “historic” and the step of a great strategist.

The road from the son of a seller to the 37th president of the United States, no matter how many stains and black pages, is a story about a person (all people and parts) who never stop fighting, not forgetting the whistle of the train waving to the road.

“Richard Nixon: The Life”, by John A. Farrell, 800 pages, published March 2017.

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